About Us

About Us

Both of us grew up by the sea. Dovydas climbed the fences of Klaipeda port, I (Milda) walked between tall lanky pines in Palanga. But that’s not where we met – fate brought us together in London, 7 years ago. Neither of us ended up here by accident. Dovydas finished his jewellery studies in Lithuania and came to the capital of the UK to learn and develop his skills of classical jewellery. I came to London straight after high school to study jewellery at a university. Obsession with jewellery brought us together and since that first meeting we’ve been exploring the world together.

We both warmed to bicycles in London. Dovydas was braver and dove straight into the busy streets of the metropolis. I took my time and started by exploring London’s beautiful parks with my bike. But it didn’t take long before the bike became a trustworthy way to commute. Both tired from the hustle and bustle of the city, we started cycling in the countryside during the weekends. Our trips became more and more frequent, and subsequently longer. We’ve started exploring remote parts of England.

Neither of us can pinpoint the moment when we felt the urge to see the world while cycling. But we’ve never even considered a different means of transport for a trip around the world. Even when we both were certain we wanted to do it, trips like that seemed like a privilege for the few chosen ones – we didn’t have enough money, enough time, couldn’t leave our jobs,… There’d be a hundred and one reason why we’d be unable to commit to the trip of our dreams.

That is, until the day we realised that it’s us who create those opportunities and anything is possible when you’re following your dream.

And our dream is simple: to discover the world around us. So many people spend their whole lives in the comfort of their home and of their own thoughts, afraid of everything they don’t know. We want to see and experience everything ourselves. See two continents meet on a massive strait in Istanbul. Smell the colourful spices in ancient markets of the Silk Road. Taste not only the familiar delicacies of our neighbouring countries, but the exotic fruits of the faraway lands. Hear the roar of the oceans and the noise of busy Indian cities. Feel the wintry winds of Himalayas and the scorching heat of Indonesia.

We don’t have a precise route. We started from the Baltic coast in Palanga, across Eastern Europe and Asia towards the equator. We don’t know where we’ll end up, but that doesn’t really matter. It’s much more important that we’re enjoying our time, wherever we are.



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